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Lean Thoughts

Make it real as quickly as possible.  Enabling business outcomes quickly via technology is becoming easier all the time.  The new XAAS mobile world is enabling working solutions in weeks (some in days) that took months a few years ago.  There is no doubt that the consumerization of technology  has raised the expectations of business […]

Value is in your sweet spot

Having spent many years in the outsource consulting field (few gray hairs to prove it!) It never ceases to amaze me how many times the wrong partner is selected for specific projects. I always advise organizations to stay close to their core value proposition and stray with caution… Consulting firms stretching from their core (often […]

Cloud Definition and Guidelines

NIST (National Institite of Guidelines and Standards) recently released two documents the first defines a proposed definition of Cloud Computing and the second defining Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing. The definition defines four key characteristic:On-demand self-serviceBroad network accessResource poolingMeasured Service delivered in three Service Models:Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)Cloud Platform […]

Why use the Cloud?

In two words… Business Value. Cloud Value In three words… Faster Better Cheaper. Like most technology transformations the inherent risks of adoption are overtaken by the compelling value that can be realized. If existing organizations are not willing to take the risk or want to “protect” existing revenue streams they will leave an opening for […]

How do you define Project Success?

How do you define Project Success? Interesting blog about the dynamic nature of software projects, success measurements and the relevence to the many internal and external “stakeholders” involved in projects. I guess answering… “It depends”…. is a cop out!

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Ever wonder about the risk profile of your IT application portfolio? Sure you know the problems encountered by poor software quality (outages, lost customers, hacked systems) and I bet you have even tried to drill down on the issue only to hear about the latest methodology, process, or super star consultant who is going to […]