Value is in your sweet spot

Having spent many years in the outsource consulting field (few gray hairs to prove it!) It never ceases to amaze me how many times the wrong partner is selected for specific projects.

I always advise organizations to stay close to their core value proposition and stray with caution… Consulting firms stretching from their core (often without customer awareness) has led to many failed initiatives and created an environment of mistrust.

There are a lot of great consulting companies but you have to ask… great at what?  Great companies can deliver mediocre results if they are stretching and straying away from their core capabilities.

How much waste goes on every day by the wrong partner delivering on project initiatives?  Imagine if there was a way to connect the right partner across project initiatives?

Zegosoft is committed to helping resolve this dilemma by helping connect companies with the right partners to build software for success.   Zero Waste… Maximum Reuse…