Take a QWIKI view into the future

I recently took a look at Qwiki http://bit.ly/eF8Evo and was instantly inspired by the possibilities this disruptive technology could bring. Backed by a recent capital raise of $8 Million they may just have the fuel to make this work. The concept is simple to understand… Return Information from a search request as a multimedia experience similar to a brief interactive movie. Who wouldn’t want search results delivered in an easy to consume multimedia experience? Of course it would be optimized for your Ipad , iPhone, Andriod, PC, Laptop, XBox… you get the idea.

Simple in concept yet, like many great ideas extremely difficult to pull off. Talk about a Big Data challenge… Having helped Information Service clients with complex data environments over the last several years http://bit.ly/i2alUN makes me appreciate the many challenges needed to pull this off moving forward.

Will Qwiki bring semantic computing to life? I think they might!

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