ZegoSoft Partners = Proven Experts

OpenSCG provides PostgreSQL and Data consulting services to companies seeking to leverage open source technology for strategic advantage. Since 2009, OpenSCG has delivered expertise in many technical areas such as PostgreSQL, Hadoop and additional database services.

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WaterlooData provides consulting leadership and project execution for data management and analytics projects. From complex marketing databases and enterprise data warehouses to embed analytics for SAAS companies, Waterloo provides analytic expertise.

TBG Security provides end-to-end information security solutions. TBG has a proven track record of helping customers gain efficiencies through technology support and implementation. TBG’s experienced network of security experts has subject- matter expertise in a broad array of disciplines.

Open Source (CRM and CMS) solutions for religious organizations. BackOffice Thinking works so that you become better stewards of your funds while improving your web and communication ministries to better resource your churches and leaders.

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