Lean Thoughts

Make it real as quickly as possible.  Enabling business outcomes quickly via technology is becoming easier all the time.  The new XAAS mobile world is enabling working solutions in weeks (some in days) that took months a few years ago.  There is no doubt that the consumerization of technology  has raised the expectations of business users for quick results but, also I believe there is more tolerance towards completeness or lack there of…  if it works, looks clean, feels good, and solves a pain then it has value.  I compare and contrast this to feature bloat expectations of years gone by….

So how do you capitalize on this change in perspective?  Heres a few guidelines to follow

  • Find your unique value. What are you doing great for your clients that your competitors are far behind
  • Build the unique value FIRST and make it usable FAST
  • LEVERAGE everything you can outside of what you have to build
  • Get it out in the market and get FEEDBACK
  • EVOLVE based on that FEEDBACK

If your like most businesses,  you need to maximize your investments wisely and get the most return possible.  Today’s best applications and products have grown collaboratively with significant customer guidance every step of the way.  The feature “misses” have been discarded along the way as better interactions have won the day.   The sooner your product is in your customers hands the better!